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What a legend.

February 27th, 2015

Lovely bit of social content from┬áDover Police. I defy you to watch this and not smile! Goes to show you don’t always need a huge budget.


I recently voyaged to Malaga, rather than just post up my holiday snaps (that’s for another post!), I thought I’d share some of the more humorous life lessons I learnt while out there.


1. There’s no point having a cool/expensive/awesome thing, if you don’t use it/promote it/turn it on.

I saw this free Facebook photo booth at one of the bars in Malaga. It looks pretty awesome and is a nice way for the bar to promote themselves through pictures of their clients enjoying themselves on Facebook. I thought I’d have a go. It wasn’t turned on. I presume that they turn it on at night or the staff are unsure of it and don’t know how to do it. Or, of course, it could all be a ploy, so that digital and social fan girls, such as myself, take a picture and upload it to their blog, giving the bar promotion anyway. Yeah, that’s almost definitely it.

Facebook photobooth


2. Reality doesn’t always live up to the promise.

Just like a woman in a Wonderbra, these two foodstuffs only provided disappointment once unwrapped. You’re hardly going to go and complain at this stage, but you can’t help but feel a little cheated.

Promise vs Reality



3. Good artists copy; great artists steal.

If it’s good enough for Steve Jobs, surely it’s good enough for you and I? And Nutella. It appears they’ve seen the success of Coke and jumped on the band wagon. Only they have stickers, so you don’t just have to buy a tub to share with a friend, you can whack a sticker with the branding all over it onto their face. Plus they’re also pushing the the Facebook page more. It seems like they’re really embracing social, odd, given that they ordered superfan Sara Russo to cease and desist with her World Nutella Day; the unofficial international holiday created by fans to celebrate their love of the hazelnut-chocolate spread.

Nutella find your name


4. Wear sunscreen.

Finally, to quote Baz Luhrman, wear sunscreen. Seriously, I’m still hurting from a burning.


It was Mr.Tom’s birthday recently so we went in to town to celebrate and stumbled across the Cadbury Marvellous Creations Travelling Funfair. The Cookie Crunch is awesome, but not as cool as their website via mobile, which is a joy to behold.

Anyway, lots of things were happening and all in all it went a bit like this…

Cadbury Marvellous Creations Travelling Funfair

These chaps sang songs and got you to scream, “Pop!” as loud as you could until chocolate rained (read: was handed through the holes) down on the eagerly awaiting crowd.


Then these nut cannons chucked plastic hazelnuts into the air which you had to capture in your bespoke nut catching hat and net.

IMG_6363 IMG_6347

The aim was to fill up your card with stamps by completing these games to get free chocolate. All in all it was good laugh and a brilliant bit of experiential marketing from Cadbury’s. The highlight in my opinion was the NFC/RFID chip on the back of your card that you could link to Facebook so all your activities and photos from the day were logged and shared on Facebook….except it didn’t work for me.

Even still, it reminds me of the Coca-Cola fun park which allowed kids to like drinks and rides via a wristband linked with Facebook. Loving the real-world/online interaction and the fun of the event – it’s only a shame they couldn’t have brought Joyville weather instead of the dreary Manchester rain!



Mindy Gofton from iCom

Google sees a brand as the trust it has developed with it?s user. Links everywhere, press, lots of searches for it.

?Brands are how you sort out the cesspool? – Eric Schmidt. Established websites and business with a loyal readership or customer base will be favoured.

- SERP changes to emphasise Places.
- Incorporation of social signals
- Changes to allow ?brands? to appear additional times in SERPS
- Reviews to impact SERPs
- Panda – removing sites with too many ads etc

What makes a brand ?trustworthy? to Google

  1. - Provide a good impression of your brand
  2. - Provide a search engine spider a good user experience when on site
  3. - Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines

    Trust signals
    H1 tag saying what you are, what you do and the services you offer
    Keyword in your H1, with related word in your text
    Words semantically similar

    Does this business have a contact? An address, a telephone number, does it match with the Google places page? So your customers have a person they can contact if they need to get in touch. Create Google Places page.

    How long have you been in business? Demonstrates to users that you?ve been about for a while, you?re going to be about for a while. If you move, put proper 301 redirects in place.

    Is your landing page content useful? Do you answer their question? Denture implants, there?s a landing page and a lot of text, they want to be able to easily find it. There?s images, all the images have alt text. There?s videos and a video search map. No random text, spurious content etc.

    Is it easy to find things on your website? Is it easy to find what you?re looking for? Mega menus are good when done correctly. In the same way you want a user to find it, you want a search engine to find content, site maps, deep linking – don?t through up roadblocks for search engine or your ranking will reflect this.

    Does your site have business partners and industry body memberships? Just like a user would check these to make sure you?re trust worthy, Google checks these links, especially if they?re from a trusted authority.

    Is your business ever mentioned in the press? Google trusts the Guardian and there are lots of little news sources commenting, suddenly you have lots of links. Make use of online PR to promote the great things your business does.

    Do you customers talk about you to their friends? Google can see that your being mentioned. It?s natural that a business should have people who frequent a business and talk about it. Get links from relevant sites. Engage with people on social media platforms.

    Does your business have a presence in the places people discuss you? Google wants you talk about the products and services you offer.

    Do people recommend your business? Reviews, people like to see what other people are saying about you. Ciao!, Freeindex are trusted sites by Google – if you?re being reviewed by real people for real services, Google will attribute authority. Encourage happy customers to leave reviews.

    Thinking about how Google perceives the user experience can help you to understand where the gaps in your strategy or problems on a website exist.

    There is no substitute for customer-focus and real engagement with customers and potential customers. – one listing here and a website can jump two pages.

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