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On the 23rd of September, Hollywood artist Todd White unveiled his portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales to the world at Todd White's picture of Joanna Haltonthe Royal Exchange, London. Todd is a client of ours, so we went down to the event to take some snaps and film the man himself, in his element, for the Art of White blog and other channels.

The Gabba girls, being myself and Alexandra Clough, headed off down to London to see what content we could garner for Todd’s online admirers. To be honest, when told we were meeting a man described as ‘Hollywood’s favourite artist’, with a list of celebrity fans that include everyone from Hugh Hefner to Eva Longoria, we were slightly intimidated and the thought did flash across my mind that we were going to be dealing with a diva!

There was no need to worry, Todd was the perfect gentlemen and had so much time for both us and all his fans who to turned out to meet him. The best bit? Just before we left he drew a sketch of Alex and I in his unique and super-cool style.

I think he’s been very kind in his drawing; I wish I saw this lass when I looked in the mirror!! What a great night, a massive thank you to Todd and his team for making the task a pleasure. Surely work isn’t meant to be this much fun?

Gabba and Todd White

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