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Regardless of what/who you are setting it up for, if you need to create a DIY social media listening post on a shoe string budget, there are a couple of sites you should know about.

1. Pageflakes

A good site to collate a lot of different RSS feeds. This can include google alerts for your name, your competitors or other information that will help you generate content.
The great thing about Pageflakes is that once you create your account, you can make tabs at the top, which you can use to organise your feeds.

2. Rollyo

Essentially allows you to create a custom search engine, very useful if you know whereabouts you want to be looking online. Probably best described by the BBC,

“Rollyo offers the ability to search the content of a list of specified websites, allowing you to narrow down the results to pages from websites that you already know and trust.” — BBC World

3. Addictomatic

Probably one of my favourites purely for its slogan “inhale the web” and the cute robot mascot (I want one!). Essentially allows you to search loads of different places simultaneously to give you an overview of the buzz for any topic, whilst displaying you the results on one custom page which you can bookmark for future use. Awesome.

4. HowSociable

Gives you a (slightly rough and ready) online brand visibility overview. Searching numerous social channels simultaneously to give you a number of mentions for each all on one page. You can then choose to track this scoring through monthly updates sent to your e-mail address.

So there you go, I know the descriptions are brief, but as with most things the best way to find your way around something is to go and use it. So go and play!

If you know of any other awesome free buzz monitoring tools, let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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