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This is another infographic I developed whilst considering tactics in Social Media Marketing. Where my previous graphic showed a social media campaign timeline from conception, delivery and beyond, this aims to display relationship development, attempting to take a complete non-engager to a brand user. I know that this could be taken as quite a simplified view, but this should be understood to be part of a wider strategy.

A picture says a thousand words as they say, so I’ll let the jpg do the talking.

Sm diagram branded jh

Download a PDF version: Click here


A Social Media Strategy

January 13th, 2010

The reason I say “a” Social Media Strategy is because that is exactly what it is. It is one social media strategy, there will be many, including different variants of roughly the same strategy, but here is one of them.

It’s something that I came up with whilst thinking through a time line for a client and reviewing some of my notes for STRASM. It’s a process to follow or at least a base to start with.

The thing that I like about this time line is that it gives a nod to the prep required before launching a campaign, including an analysis of the target audience, where they currently hang out on the web and how they talk to each other.

In the hectic real world, unfortunately, sometimes these kind of finer details can be missed out as organisations adopt an SOS strategy (sending out stuff), before properly plotting out their audience and their engagement plan. This can be dangerous, in this day and age web users are more savvy and cynical than ever, rushing in like a bull in a china shop before thinking can, and most likely will, get you and your brand burned.

Let me know your thoughts, I’m open to suggestion, everyday is a school day :)

Social Media Strategy

Download a PDF version: Click here

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