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I bought a Wii recently from eBay and found that the parental PIN was still in place. Unfortunately the only way to reset it is to call a premium number (convenient Nintendo).

Unless you go to this site, enter the combination given by the Wii on screen and it will give you the unlocking code.

Hey presto. You can thank me later :)

There is a video showing someone doing this on YouTube, which you can view here: How to reset Wii parental controls


Quite a simple one and I’m sure you know this already, but again, its one of those things that, if you’re like me you frequently forget the finer details of.

In order to create a link like > my blog! > which will take you to

You need to enter in the code below:


< a href=””>my blog! </a>

but delete the space after the first <

Et Voil?!

That’s what I do, feel free to chuck in your two cents if you know a better way :) Everyday is a school day!

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This is just a quick one, but I really had to share. I recently came across a problem, which I’m guessing a lot of people have.

I use a Google mail email address for personal use, but I also have a separate address ( for the greater world (and world wide web) to contact me. With a bit of shifty manoeuvring, I got them both in Google mail, (Go to settings > accounts and imports > send mail as).

Awesome, except now I want to include a signature on my emails, but I don’t want my personal email address on my business emails and vice versa. Currently, Google only offers the option to enter one and until the labs get busy on this, which I’m sure they will soon (there are multiple threads about this within the labs feature suggestion group), there needs to be an alternative option.

Which there is, thanks to a very very handy Firefox extension called Wisestamp. You can create personal and business signatures which you predefine and then can click to add in your emails.

Wiseman stamp google mail

It’s ace, brilliant and wonderful. It’s solved all my problems. I highly recommend!

This is just how I do it, if you have a great way around this problem, please feel free to share. Everyday is a school day! :)


When using Basecamp the other day, I realised that I didn’t know how to format the text. Just to break it up a bit and generally make it a bit more interesting to look at (not the easiest thing to do!)

However, after doing a little bit of internet searching I found that Basecamp uses Textile formatting. There’s a great Wikipedia page on it that you can use as a point of reference, you can find that Wikipedia page here

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