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From the panel at SAScon: Kevin Gibbons, Chelsea Blacker, Sam Crocker, James Lowery, Peter Young, Dixon Jones and Richard Gregory.

Google started withholding the keyword referring data, done under the guise of privacy.

The number of the users it affects, up to 25% of searches have not been provided.
Overall across all industries it?s a single digit number. It used to be a 2% and then eConsultancy said it was 33%.

The 33% eConsultancy stated maybe because they will have a lot of gmailers logged in. 0.6 and 0.9% was not provided. November 0.6 to 1.6%. Retail sites 6.2% and ecg was more 1.2%.

Success on no brand terms and tracking those none brand terms. Say it is 8%, if you get 20 million visits that?s a lot.

You can try to fudge the numbers a bit, like the econsultancy article that tries to separate visits, but it doesn?t help you with new keywords and emerging keywords. You?re making assumptions on assumptions. Rather than saying we?ve had X number of visits from a keyword.

10% of websites don?t have analytics properly configured. 10% ecommerce don?t measure revenue effectively. Sample data, above 2 million a month you don?t get accurate data. 5-7-8% pales in significance when you think about the amount that are lost because companies aren?t keeping house properly. The industry as a whole is a bit like ?Chumbawumba? you get knocked down & you get back again. 6 years ago it was metrics, 5 years ago it was links, it?s always changing.

If it really was about privacy they should have gone the whole hog. Including Adwords.

Google+ is the game changer. People interacting with the links, what you click on 50 million . Quarter of a billion gmail accounts. Facebook 500-800 millions users. You?re not going to be able to say that 80% of your traffic is attributable.

They?re tracking what you?re clicking, what you?re viewing etc. Way more than just the keyword tracking on a website.

Google trying to look to be improving their privacy – but are potentially doing a lot worse in their quest for personalisation.

Personalisation, there is a big difference between your Gmail and G+ data & the information that might be used by third parties.

Every thing Google does either improves user experience or makes Google more money. SEOs are only a small part of Google?s audience so they have to think of the bigger picture. Privacy is part of that.

Everyone at SAScon believes that Google won?t U-turn on this decision and many believe that the number of non-provided keywords will increase.

Dan Barker?s hack to track the landing pages which users land on. Make sure you?re measuring a lot more than just keywords.

Contracts based on the growth of organic non-branded traffic – massive changes in the way we get paid. But not in the way we do work.

We can?t say this many clicks on this particular term delivered this many sales anymore.

By the cookie tracking EU legislation by May we?ll lose 90+% of their data. 90% of visitors declined ICO website’s opt-out cookie.


One of the main issues with Social Media campaigns is tracking. If you post an unmodified link to your site from any of the popular channels, such as, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc, it is going to show up in Google Analytics as traffic from that site, with nothing else about the post it came from, i.e, under traffic sources you will see / referral.

There is however a way around this, which is very very sneaky and very very clever. The answer is the URL Builder for Google Analytics. Using this tool you can create a campaign name or reference (as you can see below) so that all visits generated through this link will be bagged and tagged by Google Analytics for you.

Google Analytics URL Builder

Very awesome. You may find the generated URL to be quite long, there are a couple of options for this: A) Disguise the link with HTML (See my previous post) B) Use an URL shortener such as or (Hootsuites internal shortener and my current preference)

The other brilliant thing about the URL Builder is that it needn’t be limited to simply social media exploits, you can also track your ad banners or even, your HTML newsletters. If you want some more info of this try Justin Taylor’s article on Auspire, he goes into the process a bit deeper.

So get creative and have a play.

Very tasty tool number two, using advanced filters to create profiles in Google Analytics which helps you to track Twitter Clients (Hootsuite, Tweetie, Twitterific and like) and URL Shorteners (, twurl etc).

I would go into more detail at this point but luckily Ran Nir has done a spectacular job over on the eConsultancy blog thus saving me the trouble. Fab.

Have you got a better way of doing this? Want to share? Please do! Every day is a school day :)

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