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Cadbury Joyville Made

March 10th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 19.07.56

Hot on the tail of brands like Heinz, Cadbury’s have launched Joyville Made where you create your own personalised chocolate bar. Quite a cool idea for a gift for the chocaholic in your life. Also supported with sharing functionality across the site and the ability to upload images straight from Facebook and other social channels.



SAScon notes: SEO for e-commerce

November 24th, 2010

SEO for e-commerce websites from Barry Adams

Identify your top revenue generating keywords & focus your SEO efforts there.

Encourage branded searches:
Branded keywords tend to convert really well
Google likes brands

Use your site?s internal search
Great source of keywords

Site structure is key. Good information architecture.
Search engines look closely at internal links & anchor text
Potential for a lot of semantic value
>Fragrances – Men?s fragrances – Joop!

Information architecture – book recommended by Barry

Faceted Navigation
Allows customers to filter through immense amounts of product and data to find what they want. Amazon uses it.
Filter facets that don?t add semantic value (price, quantity, size, etc)
People will type these terms into Google and so will help people finding your products.
Only issue – it almost always leads to duplicate content

Don?t use standard product descriptions
> Make it cool, make it interesting, make in stand out
Incorporate (long tail) keywords that people might search for

Temporarily out of stock: Don?t show a 404
Keep the page and show relevant message with related/recommended alternative products

Permanently out of stock
After a grace period 301 redirect to a new product or you?re throwing away your links

Google shopping is your master
Seller Reviews enhance your Google shopping visibility
Impact on universal shopping results and PPC ads

Where to get Seller Reviews?
Google aggregates reviews from multiple sources
Trust pilot and Fifou?
Shopping comparison sites in general work reasonably well
A balanced mix of review platforms is not required

Shoppping feed data quality – get the number of errors down to the bear minimum.

Semantic mark-up (
Product microdata is useful primarily for those nifty review stars
If you have multiple store locations, list them with appropriate location

Duplicate content issues
Especially common with faceted navigation and parameter-driven URLs
Potential for indexation lopps

Solving duplicate content issues
Prevention is best, but not always feasible
Indexation Sculpting
robots.txt blocking
?noidex,follow? robots meta tag
hide links (Facets) in javascript
Make sure you have a great understanding of your sitemap so you don?t accidentally block off large portions of your site.

Manage URL parameters in GWT

Linkbuilding for ecommerce sites – Blogger outreach/give-aways
Find the people for the niche or the product and build relationships with them.
Social share buttons
on every product page
on the order confirmation page (people like to show off)
on individual reviews

50% of ecommerce shoppers are logged into Facebook

After the post loses populatrity, embed links to your money pages or 301-redirect

Press Releases
Make it genuinely newsworthy

Article marketing
This still works!

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