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Learning to knit!

January 10th, 2017

Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve needed a hobby, aside from watching Netflix and being on my laptop. So I got in touch with Rachel Elwell from Art Yarn and she came to do some classes for my friend and I.

I’ve got quite into it – although only simple stitches at the moment, but I’m getting better. Crazy, Sexy Wool by Wool & The Gang is expensive, but luxurious and easy for a beginner to try and knit some scarves! I’d also recommend their Lil’ Foxy Roxy scarf kit as a starter for ten – you get big chunky 15mm needles, wool and a pattern.

While Wool & The Gang were my first introduction to ‘cool’ wool, I’ve since found Stitch and Story. And my goodness aren’t those some pretty colours! Next on my ‘to try’ list is a cable stitch hat – wish me luck! :)



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