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What a legend.

February 27th, 2015

Lovely bit of social content from┬áDover Police. I defy you to watch this and not smile! Goes to show you don’t always need a huge budget.


Gary Taylor – One Result

Creating Engaging Content
Wanted to cancel domain names with 1&1 internet. They con Lots of others with the same problem. Continued posting up every reply email from 1&1. Now ranking just below them in Google. Added a domain monster banner to the site and received 473 clicks, about 10% CTR.

Had a spike in traffic to his blog in September. 1&1 had started doing televised ads. Above the line advertising is one of the biggest drivers of traffic. Relevant traffic & lots of it.

?2.9 billion television ad spend. Time your SEO and PPC with it. Large furniture retailer, advertising a new bed with a TV at the bottom of it. They didn?t see an uplift in sales – they weren?t first page ranking for the product.

If you?re an SEO talk to your clients media buying agency. They need to be planning SEO and PPC to support TV/Radio/Print campaigns. Time it with your SEO for optimum results.

Google image search
Ran a test for ?Worlds tallest building Dubai?. One of these images generates 962 visits. This furniture shop didn?t have basic things like alt tags. @BAdams sees low conversion rate. @GaryPTaylor argues that this does drive traffic and this isn?t a retail example. If you?re a visual person when you search, you?ll visit this site. Also, once you get this traffic on your site, then you can figure out a way to convert it. You can add on more rich content – zooming, video etc to engage your users.

Case study
Send marketing – UK?s leading mailing house.Struggled with getting people to understand exactly what they did. People assume direct mail is junk mail. Send for less, send a pdf, they print it, post it for 30p (less than a 2nd class stamp). Ran split testing. Bespoke landing pages. Video Optimisation. Infographic creation and syndication. Ranked first page of Google for Mailing House. Telephone tracking, AdInsights, telephone number onsite changes with Javascript so you can track where visitors call from, how many who called and why. Sales agents can press 1 or 2 to indicate whether it was a sale or not.

Main take away – the website was driving telephone calls.

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