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Cadbury Joyville Made

March 10th, 2013

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Hot on the tail of brands like Heinz, Cadbury’s have launched Joyville Made where you create your own personalised chocolate bar. Quite a cool idea for a gift for the chocaholic in your life. Also supported with sharing functionality across the site and the ability to upload images straight from Facebook and other social channels.



With Karl Blanks from Conversion Rate Experts

Which – good site to compare multivariant testing software.

It?s fun to make bold design changes to your website and see what difference it makes. Don?t waste time with meek testing.

How easy to test. How easy to implement. And how it impacts your sales.

If you?ve had testimonials which are effective online, try them in your offline ads and leaflets. It?s easier to test online.

Act like Robert De Niro. He methods acts, you should method market. Become your customer.

Screenflow on a Mac. Video people using your site – it can reveal more than purely analysing data.

Don?t just end on the thank you page. On a data website, when you sign up, you?re told that your ?datability? index is only 40%!

When you order a product, what can you do post sales to increase conversation. Can you include documentation, offers, packaging etc. Order from competitors and see what they do.

If you order offline you get feedback. Apple employees tweak what they say based on feedback that they?ve received in store. If you sell offline, go and speak to the employees and see what they have to say, to see whether there is a huge discrepancy. If there is – what?s going on.

Sheds. Based on the research they changed the way the shed was manufactured due to issues and worries that they found. You can actually influence the way the product is made, not just the way it?s marketed.

You can learn a lot from actually speaking to people. Use your family to research, they?ll be happy to be ruder to you than anyone else!

Don?t just test products, spend time talking to your customers. Study offline sales to gather common objections and counter-objections. If your users aren?t converting – ask them why not.

O/CO = objection/counter-objection

If you were about to buy something and then someone offered a warranty or gave a testimonial – how often would it sway you?

You can?t convert if you don?t know the reasons people aren?t ordering.

If they won?t let you take pictures – wear spy glasses!

If you want to hear the voice of the customer – let them speak.

Kiss insights is brilliant. You should all be going home and setting up Kiss insights. It?s only a 10 minute job. You can stick a question or a survey on your site which users can talk to you through. ?Did you decide to download our PDFs? Please let us know why or why not. (You can be brutally honest, we love feedback!)?

Most people are doing conversion wrongly, they?re applying best practice blindly without testing.

?You make the website easy to use, but you don?t make it easy to call you.? – They didn?t want to be called. So they said we don?t have call centres so we can be the most cost-effective as possible. Sales went up ?14m.

?What made you order today?? – ask them! It?ll help to convert others.

Don?t prescribe options. Make it an open text field. People will just pick a random option. It doesn?t provide actionable/valuable options.

Split test to verify.

If you want to see an example of the SEOMoz landing page which made a $1 million with all the reasons for the changes visit here.

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