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What a legend.

February 27th, 2015

Lovely bit of social content from┬áDover Police. I defy you to watch this and not smile! Goes to show you don’t always need a huge budget.


It was Mr.Tom’s birthday recently so we went in to town to celebrate and stumbled across the Cadbury Marvellous Creations Travelling Funfair. The Cookie Crunch is awesome, but not as cool as their website via mobile, which is a joy to behold.

Anyway, lots of things were happening and all in all it went a bit like this…

Cadbury Marvellous Creations Travelling Funfair

These chaps sang songs and got you to scream, “Pop!” as loud as you could until chocolate rained (read: was handed through the holes) down on the eagerly awaiting crowd.


Then these nut cannons chucked plastic hazelnuts into the air which you had to capture in your bespoke nut catching hat and net.

IMG_6363 IMG_6347

The aim was to fill up your card with stamps by completing these games to get free chocolate. All in all it was good laugh and a brilliant bit of experiential marketing from Cadbury’s. The highlight in my opinion was the NFC/RFID chip on the back of your card that you could link to Facebook so all your activities and photos from the day were logged and shared on Facebook….except it didn’t work for me.

Even still, it reminds me of the Coca-Cola fun park which allowed kids to like drinks and rides via a wristband linked with Facebook. Loving the real-world/online interaction and the fun of the event – it’s only a shame they couldn’t have brought Joyville weather instead of the dreary Manchester rain!




Today I’m very, very excited to say that I’ve been nominated for the Somecomms Mark Hanson Award. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Hanson at last year’s SomeComms Awards and was shocked, along with many others, to hear of his passing earlier this year.

Don’t Panic Events created the award in his memory and have described the thought behind the award, far more eloquently than I ever could, in their most recent blog post.

It’s an absolute honour to be nominated for an award which “recognises the new wave of bright and talented 21st Century communicators who are currently making their mark on the industry”.

The SomeComms 2011 awards dinner will take place on Wednesday 19 October at The Hilton, Manchester Deansgate. For more information and tickets visit the SomeComms website.


Manchester Twestival 2011

March 22nd, 2011

ManchesterTwestivalLogoSunI’m helping to organise Manchester Twestival this year – a decision that’s made my last two week’s jammed packed!

This post is part of their ‘Donate-a-post’ initiative to help raise awareness about the charity Manchester Twestival are supporting this year, Wood Street Mission.

Wood Street Mission is one of Manchester?s oldest and most established local charities, whose aim is to alleviate the effects of poverty on children in families in Manchester and Salford. Sadly, child poverty is a very serious problem in Greater Manchester.

A report out just this month from Save The Children has shown that 27% of children in Manchester are classed as living in severe poverty.

Poverty today means children going without basics like school uniform, winter coats or three square meals a day. Children affected by poverty are likely to suffer in terms of their health, self esteem, education and life expectancy. Just a few examples of children that Wood Street has helped over the past 6 months include babies sleeping in shopping baskets or drawers because their parents can?t afford a cot, children with nothing more to play with than a ball of blu-tack, a little girl and her mother who were fleeing domestic violence had nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Wood Street Mission run a number of projects which aid children and their families in the Greater Manchester area. You can read more about the amazing work that they do over on the Twestival blog. The project which will be mainly benefiting from funds raised at Manchester Twestival, is the clothing project.

Wood Street Mission’s clothing project provides free clothing, bedding, toys and baby equipment for families in need in Manchester and Salford. Wood Street collects donations of new and good quality second-hand clothing, bedding, baby equipment and toys from across Greater Manchester, bring these back to Wood Street where they are carefully checked and sorted, and then redistributed them to local families in desperate need. Last year Wood Street helped 4,500 children and parents through the Clothing Project.

All of the families that receive help from Wood Street Mission are referred via local statutory and voluntary services, such as social services, health visitors and housing support, so that they can confirm they are reaching those most in need.

Wood Street Mission is just a small charity but they are doing a big job. Over 13,00 children and parents were referred to them for help in 2010. Twestival is a fun event, but please don’t forget that by supporting Twestival and Wood Street Mission on Thursday, you will be helping to make life better for thousands of children across Manchester.

Manchester Twestival will be held on Thursday 24 March 2011 from 6.30 at Noho, in the Northern Quarter. Tickets cost ?6 and are available from:

The video below gives a great overview of the work which Wood Street Mission do:


All in all we raised ?1850 for Wood Street Mission – if you’d like to donate to a worthy cause, you can via the Just Giving page.

The Manchester Twestival Team - Joanna Halton

This image of the Manchester Twestival team is courtesy of Aaron Mcmanus.

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