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Crayola x Clinique

February 20th, 2017

From the moment I first saw these Crayola x Clinique Chubby Sticks on the US website I was in love! I immediately headed over to the Debenhams counter on my lunch to see if they’d come out yet. Unfortunately not, so I kept an eye out for when they headed over to our side of the pond.

clinique crayola
From the moment I first saw these Crayola x Clinique Chubby Sticks on the US website I was in love! I immediately headed over to the Debenhams counter on my lunch to see if they’d come out yet. Unfortunately not, so I kept an eye out for when they headed over to our side of the pond.


Then, when I saw the below Facebook post, it seem to good to miss! I already knew I was going to love Red Violet, Brick Red and Fuzzy Wuzzy.


Needless to say I hot-footed it down there on my lunch break on the relevant day and got myself a beautiful little illustration from Nikki Groom alongside the set of mini chubby sticks for £35 – which is ace as I can try them all out. I’ve even entered their colouring competition on Instagram where you can win a whole year’s worth!

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A photo posted by Joanna Halton (@joannahalton) on


Learning to knit!

January 10th, 2017

Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve needed a hobby, aside from watching Netflix and being on my laptop. So I got in touch with Rachel Elwell from Art Yarn and she came to do some classes for my friend and I.

I’ve got quite into it – although only simple stitches at the moment, but I’m getting better. Crazy, Sexy Wool by Wool & The Gang is expensive, but luxurious and easy for a beginner to try and knit some scarves! I’d also recommend their Lil’ Foxy Roxy scarf kit as a starter for ten – you get big chunky 15mm needles, wool and a pattern.

While Wool & The Gang were my first introduction to ‘cool’ wool, I’ve since found Stitch and Story. And my goodness aren’t those some pretty colours! Next on my ‘to try’ list is a cable stitch hat – wish me luck! :)




Design your own engagement ring!

December 30th, 2016

So….if you’ve been following me on social media at all, you ‘might’ have seen that The Boy popped the question! Super exciting and romantic, overlooking the beautiful city of Lisbon!

He knows me well enough to know that I’d want a hand in choosing the perfect ring with him and so, once we arrived back in the UK we began looking for somewhere to pick a ring. Neither of us are especially (read: at all) experienced in this, so I did a little shout out on Facebook and luckily a few people got back to us with their recommendation. One of the jewellers suggested was Ivy Nixon, who did bespoke commissions, as well as her current designs.

After spending an unsuccessful day traipsing around various jewellers, who all looked the same, I took one look at her website and Instagram and knew she was right for us! She was super accommodating and came to see us on her next trip up to Manchester from London. I can’t recommend her enough – here’s a testimonial I wrote for her website:    

Throughout the process, Charlotte was a knowledgeable friend; super approachable, while helping to steer the design process with her expertise and advice. She was also dedicated, always responding to my (sometimes rambling!) messages, as well as sending over a variety of styles and stones for me to pick from – including some unusual and off-brief ones to test my preferences.

 I couldn’t be more pleased with my engagement ring. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s lovely to know that it’s unique to us. Charlotte has triumphed in taking an uncertain and confusing brief and created something even better than what I originally described – it’s like she plucked it from my head!

 She’s been an absolute dream to work with and I can’t recommend her enough to any bride who wants something a bit different, but isn’t sure how to go about it and needs to be supported through the journey. At the end of it you’ll have a beautiful and one of a kind piece.

We were in no way compensated for this review, I’m just honestly very impressed with her service and the end result, which is well, see for yourself…  

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A little while back I was desperate for a change. I’d had the same light-brown/blonde ombre look for while; and after a trip to Mexico and a bit of neglect, my hair was in a sorry state. Just look at that frizz!

Joanna Halton Before 1 Joanna Halton Before 2 Joanna Halton Before 3 Joanna Halton Before 4

Embarrassingly, it was watching Twilight in a hotel whilst on a business trip, enviously taking in Bella’s lovely locks, that triggered my initial urgency to have my hair seen too. I needed to switch it up, so I was on the hunt for a new salon and hairdresser who could help me out.

Luckily, a well-timed Facebook post from a friend brought James Roberts Hair & Beauty to my attention. I booked in with James and I couldn’t have been in better hands. He was really helpful and reassuring when talking through what I wanted. I wasn’t sure about a couple of things and he was really knowledgeable, steering me in the right direction and providing me with useful advice about what would work for my hair type and face shape, as well how I could phase in the changes I wanted.

In terms of the quality of the cut and colour, the pictures below speak from themselves. The richness of the overall colour contrasts beautifully with the caramel highlights. I didn’t get chance to sample the beauty treatments this time, but they have a whole range of different options which you can ask for while you’re getting your hair did – two birds one stone!

They offer a whole variety of new and trendy beauty and hair treatments, so if there’s something you’ve seen on Instagram that you fancy, the odds are they’ll have it! If you’re ever not sure where to get something done – I highly recommend checking them out.

JH After 1 JH After 2JH After 4 JH After 5 JH After

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