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A little while back I was introduced to thebodycoach‘s awesome instagram – it’s packed full of fitness inspiration and super tasty, but healthy meal ideas.

One thing that drew my attention was his carrot and courgette breakfast fritters. We’re trying to be healthier and I thought if they were easier enough to make, they could be a great bread free alternative to accompany what is fondly known as “Scrambled Egg Saturday” in this household (N.B it’s very often ‘Scrambled Egg Sunday’ too – we’re fickle like that).

You can find his 15 second recipe video here:


Some tips that I’ve found useful for making them:

  • * I cook for two and find that one large carrot and one large courgette ought to do it.
  • * I also grate ‘normal’ onions in the fritter as I find that it binds better.
  • *If you’re going to have a go I’d recommend breaking it down into a couple of smaller fritter each, rather than one big one. When I tried to do a full sized one, it stay quite wet and would break when flipping.

I’ve still *not quite* got it to look as perfect as Joe’s yet, but it’s a work in progress.

All in all though, it was super tasty and is now frequently a request from the main man. Even if bacon did seem to slip on to this one! :D

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.07.44

For more of my healthy culinary adventures and foray into the healthy, check out my instagram and keep following on here. If you had a go at this, what advice would you recommend to newbies?


For a while now I’ve been looking for a good laptop bag. I know this is a quest of many tech ladies who wish to get their geek on in style. You’d think this should be relatively easy, but it’s not. Sure, you can find heavily padded, industrial, ‘IT department issued’ looking bags, but finding a bag big enough to take a laptop, charger/s, notepad and papers whilst still looking stylish is a challenge, unless you have a significant wad of cash to spend on a high-end label.

Last time I was ruminating on the subject of fashionable but functional laptop bags, I was considering the Rabeanco Tbc Laptop Bag and Zookie’s range. In the end I went for the Zookie Castle Rock Laptopbag Grey 15?, but over the last year, I’ve found it to be a bit too small for my needs (ranging from day-to-day at the office to hopping on trains and airplanes on agency business). Therefore, I’ve gone and plumped for the Zookie Far Away Laptop Bag 17 “ and bought it from Shopsuey (a cute little German fashion site). The benefit of this being that, not only did I save a few quid as it was reduced from € 249.00 to € 129.00, but it was beautifully wrapped and I got a cheeky copy of Glamour in Deutsch which was novel!

It’s a lovely bag and perfect for a day trip or overnight stay when accompanied with a handbag or travel bag, plus it’s so versatile you can dress it up with a suit or down for a casual look as demonstrated below. If you’re looking for form and function for your laptop bag, you’d struggle to find a better place to start than Zookie. They originally started with just two bag styles, but have now developed their range in an assortment of colours and sizes, so you can pick one to suit your mood and your outfit!


IMG_1729IMG_1721IMG_1720IMG_1725Zookie laptop bagIMG_1728


What a legend.

February 27th, 2015

Lovely bit of social content from Dover Police. I defy you to watch this and not smile! Goes to show you don’t always need a huge budget.



January 31st, 2015

Late in November Degustabox sent me my first ever box, which I was very excited to receive. You can see all the goodies that arrived below – I even did a vine showing the unboxing.






In the box there were products from Special K, Blue Dragon, Get Buzzing, Enhance Drinks, Kent’s Kitchen, Solo, Dr Oetker, Bear, Brioche Pasquier, Jelly Belly and Benecol Greek Style Yogurt voucher. Lots to go at, which is why this post is a little delayed as I only just finished using everything! If you’d like to see the full list of all the products and their blurb, you can on theinfo sheet.

Next up, we wanted something for brunch. A quick scour of the Internet and we settled on Creamy Tarragon And Pancetta Mushrooms On Toasted Brioche With Watercress – we used a mixed bag of salad instead of watercress to jazz it up a bit. Delicious.


Sticking with a brioche-y theme, I thought I’d try my hand at chocolate bread and butter pudding. Degustabox included a couple of recipe suggestions in the box and this one seemed like a good one to try. I swapped out the pecans for walnuts as they were a bit cheaper – I also shoved some Nutella into some of the swirls…because of reasons.


Next up, brownies. I remembered this remembered this recipe from a cookbook I had as a kid. We already had most of the ingredients because of the box and the bread and butter pudding – we waited a couple of weeks to cook these because we’d had to get through the first pudding!!

IMG_3089 IMG_3088 IMG_3051 IMG_3052





We ate the Get Buzzing bar and Bear and Jelly Belly sweets while out on a bike ride. Good for a quick boost when you’ve been out and about.

 Finally, I made some filthy, gooey and delicious cookies using a recipe from Gabriella Manchester. They were too tasty, I had to take a few into work so we didn’t eat them all! For as with the other chocolatey recipes I used the Dr Oetker chocolate – I had to get some Dr Oetker bicarb and vanilla extract (which I bought) too actually – they have a good range in Tesco.

IMG_3843 IMG_3846











Also, the Benecol yoghurt was lovely and went down particularly well with the other half who is more of a yoghurt fiend. I still have a couple of things left to try, but wanted to get this post up as it was becoming biblically long!

It was a fun experience and encouraged me to do more cooking and baking than I’d usually do, especially using ingredients I might not have bought of my own volition. I’d definitely think about getting it again.

If you’d like to try your own Degustabox, just use the code QCICX which gives you a £3.00 discount when registering.



So a little while a go, I received and invite, it read:

“Calling all Manchester #CityExperts , foodies and science fans… you’re invited to join us for an experimental evening of food, drink and fun to celebrate the Manchester Science Festival.

You’ll have the chance to sample edible treats served in petri dishes, learn about molecular mixology whilst sipping on interactive cocktails and tuck into liquid nitrogen ice cream and edible mist.

What’s more, we’ll have world-renowned psychologist, Professor Charles Spence on hand to teach us about the multisensory science behind eating out. Come along to meet him and take part in his interactive foodie experiments.”


I took along the other half to the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) and we had lots of fun. There was a edible mist which you had to suck through a straw (from what looked like a small, illuminated space ship – top photo!), little Google coloured dots (you had to bite into them to reveal the taste within), various pipette/beaker/petri dish delicacies AND a steampunk ice cream maker, complete with edible white chocolate cups!!

They had a scrumptious cookie and salted caramel ice cream and a rather more adventurous port and stilton….that was an experience.

The talk by Professor Charles Spence was really interesting – apparently in the future virtual sushi may be a thing!

I also really enjoyed the talk and interactive cocktails by two mixologists who spoke about the science behind creating tasty drinks. At this stage they brought out a very bitter and sour grape fruit mix in a beaker with a smaller cup of salt water. Fascinatingly, the concoction was much sweeter and palatable once they were mix together – apparently as the salt water brought out the sweeter flavours.

All in all it was another cracker from the Google City Experts event team.

You can see other photos and more information about the event and how to become a Google #CityExpert here.






















IMG_2355 IMG_2330 IMG_2336 IMG_2331 IMG_2346 IMG_2354 IMG_2358 IMG_2390 IMG_2396 IMG_2402 IMG_2403 IMG_2416









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